Hacked By Mallu Cyber Soliders !!

Hacked by Mallu Cyber Soldiers
v4mp1r3 was here .

Greetings world. We Are Mallu Cyber Soliders , This is a message to goverement of Pakistan , We are coming back to punish you again. for your crimes in many countries in the world , as we do always , All we see is continuous aggression. Pakistanis always scream "Kashmir Banega Pakistan" but idiotic dumbs forget Pakistan banega Chinkistan in next 3 yrs. Pakistan, the So called Leader of Muslims do not dare to Question their MASTER CHINA, why China banned Ramadan tastings,burkha,beard; Even Muslim kids are not allowed to follow Islam; Even Namaz is banned in public places. CHINA after making Chinkistan will teach mullas of Pakistan to do Sastang Pranam in front of chinese pingpong ball Xi xinping. Pakistan is that loyal dog...oops Pig..that thinks itself as a WOLF which can attack innocents like Balochis, kidnap & Steal #KulbhusanJadhav ..It always taunts a Sleeping LION , INDIA which is just having a afternoon nap ...SAALE SUARON...UTHAO MAT ...SHER JAG GAYA TO CHEERPHAD DEGA.. We Are Mallu Cyber Soliders
Op_PayBack , Expect us !

#We are :
|| JOJO ANNAN || CYB403 || MR.RED || HACKI TUMPA || BOO7_57R4PP3R || ADI_YOGI || 8!4CK_J4GU4R || HELL GHOST || PH4N7OM || BL4CK-DR4GON ||TERMINAL || [)|?4G0/\/_G|-|0$7 || COOKITHIEF || R007 SECUR!7Y || V4MP1R3 || LOOP3R || S!L3ND_CODER || P4Y84CK || BHEEMANNAN || AG3NT N0VA || HACK SHAI || COD3BR34K3R || H@6!_B@B4 || C4M3LL_R0LL3R || Chm0d_777 || Sp3_DR || 7H4M33M7S4 ||
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